Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Q. What ministries do you offer under the umbrella of Samaritan Outreach?
A. We offer three ministries: (1) Moms on the Move, (2) Car for Work Program, and the (3)Micro-Enterprise Grant Program.

Q. What are the qualifications?
A. Qualifications: Single mother, Age of 22-45, with children 0-12 living with you as the primary caregiver Attending college, working (PT or FT each week), or have recently (within the last 18 months) become unemployed, living in the Dayton, Ohio area (includes Montgomery and Greene County), and of low to moderate income.

Q. What are the disqualifiers?
A. Disqualifiers: (1) Incarcerated, (2) living in a rehabilitation facility or halfway house, (3) participating in a structured substance abuse program, (4) homeless and without a sponsor, (5) sex offender (past or present), (6) not able to work or attend college, or (7) living with your boyfriend or babyís father.

Q. If I participated in or received help from Samaritan Outreach ministry in the past, can I still apply for the MOMs program?
A. Yes, as long as you still meet all the qualifications.

Q. Do you still provide financial assistance and grants?
A. Yes, we provide limited financial assistance for emergency needs and grants for starting businesses to single moms with priority given to those who particiapte in our MOMs ministry. The financial assistance that we offer is reserved for participants in one of our key programs and may cover the following critical family needs: overdue rent/mortgage payments, auto repair, past due utility bills, and education beyond high school.

Q. My youngest child is 12 yrs. old but will turn 13 this year, can I still join MOMís?
A. Unfortunately, not at this time.

Q. Will proof of income still be required?
A. Yes. We will need a copy of your most recent tax return (page 1) and your latest pay stubs.

Q. If I do not work, but attend school, could I still be accepted into the MOMs program?
A. Yes, but you will be asked to provide written proof that you are currently enrolled in college and taking classes right now or signed up to take classes next quarter/semester. Also, you may be asked to verify your expected graduation date and degree program.

Q. Will MOMís replace your Samaritan Outreach Mentoring Program?
A. MOMs will serve as a step prior to joining the mentoring program.

Q. Do I have to be a Christian and/or attend church to be in MOMs?
A. No. All are welcome. Note, however, that we are a faith-based ministry. As such, our program content is based on the bible and involves the application of Judeo-Christian principles.

Q. I have a physical handicap. Would that disqualify me from MOMís?
A. No, having a physical handicap will not disqualify you from our program.

Q. If I meet all of the qualifications will I be guaranteed acceptance?
A. No, Samaritan Outreach reserves the right to approve or deny requests. Also, we are restricted by funding limitations.

Q. How many moms will you accept into the MOMs program?
A. Our goal is 10-15 per year, depending upon funding levels and support received from volunteers.

Q. I am a grandmother of young children. Could I still qualify?
A. Yes. If you are no older than 40 and are the legal guardian of children 0-12 who live with you and meet all of the other qualifications.

Q. I donít work and donít go to school. Are there any circumstances where you would accept my application?
A. If you have been recently laid off from work and you are actively seeking employment, we may accept your application.

Q. Are there income qualifications?
A. Our mission is to help single mom of low to moderate income. We will, however, take into consideration extenuating circumstances and various factors that impact the health/welfare of the children.