Samaritan Outreach Micro-Enterprise Grant Application


Below is a form you can fill out. When finished hit the submit button and it will send us an email. If you prefer to print and mail in your worksheet please click here to download the worksheet. (PDF)

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  • If you answered "No"; you are not eligible. STOP HERE .

  • If any of the above conditions apply to you, you are not eligible.  STOP HERE . Please contact Samaritan Outreach at (937) 716-5520 for information about other ministries in the Dayton, Ohio area that could address your needs.

  • Planning for Business Ownership Worksheet

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  • As you become more and more successful, how can you best serve the following?

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  • Note: Samaritan Outreach Steering reserves the right to select participants, determine the number of participants, and designate how funds will be used and dispersed. Moreover, they will oversee the administration of all grants, in-kind gifts, and reserve funds. Please be advised that applicants who deliberately falsify information will be disqualified from the program. Privacy Act Waiver: Upon signing this application, the applicant gives Samaritan Outreach permission to seek or share pertinent information for processing the application and promoting the ministry.

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