Moms On the Move Qualifications


  • Single mother, Age of 22-45, with children 0-12 living with you as the primary caregiver

  • Attending college, working (PT or FT each week), or have recently (within the last 12 – 18 months) lost your job and looking for work

  • Living in the Dayton, Ohio area (includes Montgomery and Greene County)

  • Willing and able to attend a monthly meeting

  • Willing to make a year-long commitment to work on achieving your goals

Do you meet all of these qualifications? Yes ___No ___. If you answered “No”, you are not eligible. STOP HERE.


If any of the following conditions currently apply then you are not eligible.

  • Incarcerated

  • Living in a rehabilitation facility or halfway house

  • Participating in a structured substance abuse program

  • Homeless and without a sponsor

  • Sex offender (past or present)

  • Not able to work or attend college

  • Live with your boyfriend or baby’s father